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ISRE ECRS initiatives
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ECRS Initiatives

The first initiative of the ISRE Early Career Researchers Section was implemented in 2017 at the ISRE meeting in St. Louis, USA. The initiative was a pre-conference for early career researchers titled 'Meet the Editors' where editors from emotion-related journals talked about dos and don'ts for getting published and answered questions from attendees. Big thanks goes to SAGE who financially supported this initiative, to the editors that volunteered their time, to the conference organisers for their support, and all attendees who made the event great. We will make sure to have this or a similar event happening at every ISRE meeting.

In 2018, the ECRS launched two new initiatives for the society based on discussions of student needs at ISRE 2017 - the inaugural Emotion Webinar Series and Mentoring Programme for students. We are incredibly grateful to all of our webinar speakers and mentors for giving their time for these initiatives. Thank you also to early career researchers for engaging in these initiatives. Jointly, you all made these initiatives possible. These two initiatives are on our agenda for every conference off-year.

The ECRS also implemented awards for early career researchers which were tied to the ISRE 2019 meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Precisely, there was a best poster award and a best dissertation award. Awards play a crucial role in helping young outstanding researchers achieve recognition, increase chances for competitive funding and thus improve career opportunities outside their established networks. Thanks to the generosity of SAGE, Guilford Press, and Motivation and Emotion, we were able to provide the awardees with financial rewards. A social event was held on the first night of the conference to provide early career emotion researchers with the opportunity to network and socialise right from the start. We would like to thank the conference organisers for their support in making these initiatives happen.


Meet the Editors

This event took place in 2015 at the ISRE meeting in St. Louis. The main aim was to create a win-win situation where early career researchers got insights into how to publish in top emotion journals and editors were able to promote their journals and help in crafting and increasing the quality of submitted work. The editors/journals who participated at the St. Louis meeting were Agenta Fischer for Cognition and Emotion, Andrey Anokhin for Biological Psychology, Ursula Hess for the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, Christine Harris for Emotion Review, Jonathan Gratch for Transactions on Affective Computing, Katie Barclay for Emotions: History Culture Society, and Andrea Scarantino for ISRE's Sourcebook for Research on Emotion and Affect. This workshop also provided networking opportunities between early career emotion researchers themselves and with editors during the lunch after the workshop. The event further provided editors with the chance to connect with potential future post-docs and reviewers. 


Emotion Webinar Series

In July-August 2018, the Emotion Webinar Series was run, including 8 webinars on topics of great interest to our members, including emotional expression (Dacher Keltner and Ross Buck), psychophysiology (Frank Wilhelm), emotional development (Joseph Campos), aesthetics and emotion (Gerald Cupchik), emotion regulation (Khosla Meetu), emotional intelligence (José Mestre), moral emotions (Roger Giner-Sorolla), and gender and emotion (Agneta Fischer and Stephanie Shields). We had many graduate students, postdocs and students/faculty at other levels join the webinar from all over the globe, and engage with many thoughtful questions and discussions.

Videos of the webinars and PDFs of the slides are available for viewing/download for ISRE members on this site. Excitingly, due to the success of the webinar series, we will run a webinar series again during the next conference off-year (2020).


Mentoring Programme

The mentoring programme for students paired students with professors based on their preferences in terms of content (what they needed mentoring on) and structure (how often and when they were available to meet). Mentoring pairs met regularly to discuss specific topics, such as affective neuroscience, appraisal theory, or cross-cultural emotion research, to get feedback on specific projects or project design, or ask advice about professional development, such as job seeking, developing an independent research programme, or just making it through grad school.

The next round of the mentoring programme will start in the end of 2019. Stay tuned and check this space regularly.


Poster Award

The ISRE ECRS Poster Award recognises excellent early career emotion researcher poster presentations at its bi-annual conference. Both the quality of the research and its presentation are taken into account. This award is open to all ISRE members with Associate membership status. The best poster award winner in 2019 received a cash prize, a voucher from SAGE, and a certificate at the awards ceremony at the conference.


Poster award recipient and runner-ups 2019:

1. Domicele Jonauskaite: 'Data-driven approach reveals universal patterns in colour-emotion associations across 30 nations'

2. Kelly L Ziemer: 'Reasoning, Recommendations and Implications: Self-Transcendent Emotions with Marginalized Populations to Remedy Social Isolation and Loneliness'

3. Daphne Stam: 'Functional Brain Correlates of Emotional and Social Memory'


This award will also be part of the 2021 ISRE meeting. Details will be announced here closer at the time.


Dissertation Award

The ISRE Dissertation Award recognises outstanding emotion research at up to doctoral level. This award is open to all ISRE members with Associate membership status. The recipient of this award in 2019 received a one-year ISRE associate membership, free registration for the ISRE 2019 meeting, and partial airfare to the conference. Both the recipient and 2 other outstanding nominees received an accompanying certificate at the awards ceremony at the conference.


Dissertation award recipient and runner-ups 2019:

1. Aaron Weidman: 'Define, Measure, Repeat'

2. Jessica Tetchner: 'Positive Mood and Cognition'

3. Laura Sakka: 'Affective Responses to Music in Depressed Individuals'


Whereas the inaugural ISRE dissertation award was organised by the ECRS, this award will be handled by the main ISRE for all following rounds.


Social Event

Whereas most of our initiatives aim at career development and recognition of research excellence, we also aim to offer fellow emotion researchers the opportunity to network, socialise, and get to know each other. For the social event at the conference, we wanted to provide this opportunity right from the start of the conference and in an informal setting. This event took place at a student bar next to the conference venue. 

This award will also be part of the 2021 ISRE meeting. Details will be announced here closer at the time.



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